Course Status

Course Status
Walnut CreekClosed due to low overnight temperatures.

Temperature must be over 40 degrees before noon for course to open. Please call to confirm opening hours.

TEE TIMES Strongly Recommended - Due to the popularity of golf this season, we ask that you book tee times in advance to avoid over crowding.

Refer to the Guidelines listed below for current procedures in place.
Club RunClosed For the Season
Driving RangeClosed For the Season
We are implementing the following procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines and the Governor’s executive order.

Starting Monday, July 27th, as per the State Mandate, Face Masks are required to enter the proshop.
Outdoor check-in behind the proshop will be available for those who do not wish to wear masks.

Non-Divided carts are now available for two person use. Divided carts are available upon request.
Individual carts will be charged for both halves of the cart.

Carts will be sanitized between rounds. Please return carts to the cart return area and only take carts from the FRONT of the staged cart area to ensure proper cart rotation.

Other Parameters:

1. We recommend BOOKING YOUR TEE TIME prior to arrival at the course.
• Tee times may be booked online OR over the phone. It is important that you book in advance, as tee times fill up quickly.
• Tee Times are currently spaced at 7 and 8 minute increments, making Tee Times important to space out groups and eliminate crowds during check in. Since we are currently checking people in for two courses through one location, tee times are strongly recommended to avoid over crowding. If you arrive without a tee time, you will be required to wait until the next open tee time.

2. We will allow a maximum of 5 people per group including spectators so long as you keep up with the pace of play.

3. The Proshop is now open, and face masks will be required inside as per the State mandate. Please note the light color on the door when arriving at the course. In order to regulate the number of people inside at one time, there is a light bar on each entrance.
Green = Enter
Red = Please Wait to Enter

4. Leave the pin in the cup at all times, and do not touch the flagstick. There are bumpers in the cups to prevent the balls from entering the cups.

5. We have resumed our limited food service at this time. Hot Dogs, Brats, Beer, Soda, and Snacks are available for purchase inside the Walnut Creek Proshop. Fountain drinks are available for purchase, but no refills are permitted at this time. Pepperjack Cheeseburgers will be available on the weekends. Sodas are available from the outdoor vending machines in front of the Walnut Creek and Club Run Proshops, and the Driving Range.

6. Restrooms are now Open, including those at the Driving Range and on the Course.

7. Bunker Rakes, Ball Washers, and on-course water fountains are not in use at this time.

8. Rental clubs are now available.

9. Remember to maintain at least a 6 foot distance between you and your playing companions who are not members of your family unit, and wear face masks when unable to do so.

10. Do not share clubs, equipment, scorecards, or pencils, and do not touch any golf ball or equipment other than your own.

11. Do not congregate before or after rounds. Absolutely no more than 5 people per tee time including spectators.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we adapt to this new system. We are doing this with your health and safety in mind. Please contact the proshop directly with any questions at 765-998-7651

Current proshop hours are 10 am – 4:30 pm

The Driving Range and Practice Facility close at 6pm

Hours are subject to change according to daylight and weather.